The future of reading

Normally when reading Jekyll and Hyde, you have to visualize the transformation from man to monster. Well, not anymore.

Alberto Hernandez wants bookworms to be as interactive as possible when reading a novel: visually as well as physically, adding as many elements to reading.

The ‘Hybrid Novel’, an experiment using The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the original text, but its pages have been toyed with. Some double over, some cut in half and some are translucent.

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Hernandez adds in pictures, illustrations, old ads, info-graphs and typographic elements making the novel seem cryptic.

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Tear it, flip it, fold it, peel it, combine pictures together. Anyway you want to read it, he brings it to life.

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There’s even a section that’s made of reflective material. These pages allow the reader to contort or distort their face and play around with the visual so it’s just like Mac photo booth, but in real life.

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It seems like Mr. Hernandez is capitalizing on the notion that younger generations are having a hard time keeping their attention to one thing. So, his solution: make novels as interactive as possible.

Hernandez may have cracked the case on how to get more people reading and any admitted bookworm should be excited for this venture in fiction.

– Tim Morse


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