James Bond Phonewatch

What would James Bond be without all of his nifty gadgets? Now you have the chance to feel like a secret agent yourself, introducing the W Phonewatch by Kempler & Strauss.

Image from designboom.com

Small and light, you’ll still be able to climb up walls without the device hindering your dexterity. Or place phone calls on this watch and talk into the accompanying Bluetooth headset, without giving your position away. Record videos and snap pics of your secret agent adventures so you can later impress the beautiful ladies that all secret agents fraternize with.

If you get a chance to rest from your secret agent duties, why not blast some beats and play some games?

Yes, all this is possible when you’re living a 007-lifestyle– coming soon to your wrist!

Have no aspirations to be a secret agent? No worries, now you can say your watch does more than just tell time and your phone will always be close at hand.

-Otiena Ellwand


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  1. This is one of the more interesting posts I’ve read today. Great job. Hope to read more of the good stuff from your site.

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