Lego in the Boardroom?

It all starts with stacking a few pieces. The days of pushing your imagination as far as it will go using small, colourful blocks doesn’t have to end at the  age of 12. Who says that Lego is restricted to creating buildings and new worlds?  Adults can certainly appreciate the endless creativity and visual appeal of this world famous toy, so why not bring it into the boardroom?

There is no rule stating that important documents can’t sit on an avante-garde table made of Lego.

Photo from

Advertising agency Boys and Girls has got the concept of ergonomics down pat. The brand new group has established its philosophy as “Daring Simplicity.” So of course they took two simple things; Lego and conference tables and birthed a fantastic idea.

Photo from

In total there are 22, 742 pieces of lego clicked together in the same simple style you executed as a child. No super glue was used in the making of this masterpiece. The giant constructed Lego top sits on a stainless steel square built by B.A. Engineering of Prussia St. To finish it off, a 10mm sheet of glass rests on top.

Are your creative juices flowing yet? Business meetings have never looked so appealing.

– Talia Ricci


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