Kidrobot gets revamped

photo from Dezeen

Kidrobot. Need I say more?  For those who are not so familiar we won’t hold it against you, but don’t let it happen again *smiles*. Kidrobot is one of the creators of the Mummy and Dummy dolls. They are seven inch tall, blank, vinyl figures which are the cutest things known to man.

phtoo from Dezeen


The dolls have been tweaked by lighting designer Marcus Tremonto, who was inspired by science fiction and video games. No longer are they the cute loveable figures we have come to know and love, they have an edge now. They are urbanized.

photo from Dezeen


Lightbotz, which are the Mummy and Dummy dolls new name, are getting their arms ripped off and spewing blood, they have been caught peeing, listening to their i-pods and giving onlookers the death-ray.

photo from Dezeen


photo from Dezeen

-Melissa S. Robinson

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