Prince’s New Song

The artist still known as Prince is back with a new song, “Cause and Effect,” which is nothing short of the out-of-control wildness Prince fans are used to.

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The song premiered in his hometown on Minnesota’s 89.3 The Current, and like most Prince songs, it delivered in all forms.

The song begins with fake crowd noises and Prince screaming, “I am here, where are you?” Immediately following is a Who-like guitar breakdown straight into a rockabilly beat. The song pulls in several elements, everything from Bowie to Tina Turner to late ‘90s Dub. Prince also throws in his trademark guitar solo and some crazy drum licks, even some Jay-Z style hype man is tossed into the mix. So, like most Prince songs, you get a taste of everything.

On his website, Prince cryptically lets fans know that he is starting a tour, which after impatiently messing around on the site, reveals it will start in Los Angeles on March 7th, but nothing else has been announced.

The new song could be a tell into a new venture for Prince, but it’s doubtful since he released a huge three-CD album last spring. Regardless, this new song can only make his tour more intriguing.

– Tim Morse


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