Banksy releases Film, opens Gallery

International renegade and guerilla graffiti artist, Banksy is back, and in his prime.

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To help promote his new film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop,’ originally titled ‘How To Sell Sh*t to C**ts,’ Banksy created a gritty, underground Pop-Up Cinema, where he can not only display his famous stencil art, but also his physical art and the film.

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The film, shot by French filmmaker Thierry Guetta, documents Banksy going about the world as he does his art.

It received mixed reviews at Sundance, some critics described it as a mockumentary, believing none of it to be real, while others said it was a real and honest film.

In keeping with being real and honest, Bansky’s theatre is a filthy, underground shrine is a 150-seat theatre located under the Waterloo train station in London, that has been dubbed ‘The Lambeth Palace.’ Now, Banksy is back on the streets and now underneath them as well.

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Despite being rather eerie the dwelling being almost decrepit, the film sold out immediately after tickets were released. Shows are scheduled only until March 4, 2010, talk about a limited release!

To promote the film even further Banksy shot a video that will appear on various websites showing him doing a classic stencil piece: spray painting a monkey holding a movie clapper in front of a back alley security camera.

Banksy has been a staple in the art world for not only his work, but the political statements that go along with it: everything from painting KKK members being hung in Birmingham to painting ladders on the separation wall at West Bank.

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So, Banksy has a new film, new theatre/gallery, what’s next?

“I was planning on making some huge paintings about sleepwalking our way towards the apocalypse, but I ended up going to the pub and getting some crisps,” said Banksy to London’s Times Online.

Here’s the trailer
– Tim Morse


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