Maison Moschino luxury on a dime

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When thinking about Milan, cheap doesn’t come to mind, especially when were talking about designers. But Moschino has lent its expertise to style a mid-priced hotel that will combine cheep and chic.

photo from hotelchatter

phto from hotelchatter

Maison Moschino has created a fairy-tale within the walls of the hotel that are completely surreal. Bedspreads made with velvet rose petals, a tree-branch four poster bed is featured in one room, and each of the 54 rooms and 15 suites that fill the four floors are each styled different from the next.

photo from hotelchatter

photo from hotelchatter

The rooms are themed with a few examples being the “Sleeping in a Ball Gown” room and the “Half Room,”where everything in the room has been cut completely in half. The hotel is also home to a restaurant bar, garden, spa and gym…Oh the joy!

photo from hotelchatter

photo from hotelchatter

Maison Moschino opens March 10, 2010 and definitely one to keep on radar. It’s fashion, comfort, and beauty. And best of all, it’s affordable. Milan here we come!

-Melissa S. Robinson


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