Hydro Floors

Image from hydrofloors.be

Personal indoor pools will always be at the lap of luxury, but Hydrofloors will take it to the next level.

Image from hydrofloors.be

The pool pimps at Hydrofloor designed a ‘walk on pool.’ Not like walk on water, but a the floor actually sinks down and fills with water at the touch of a button.  Hello future, technology, you are so nice to us sometimes… In effect you can go from dance party to pool party in less than an hour. Not too shabby.

Image from hydrofloors.be

And the nice thing is, when you aren’t using the pool it blends in with the rest of the floor, making it virtually unnoticeable.

Image from hydrofloors.be

The “nearly invisible” system can be adjustable to whatever water level you like, you want a wading pool, done. A swimming pool, done. You can even adjust different parts of the pool to different heights, shallow end for the kiddies and deep end for the adults. Just be sure that after you elevate it, you give it some time to dry out before you break out your dancing shoes…

-Tim Morse


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