Lomo Camera goes high-end

photo from lomography

Capture your golden moments with a Lomo LC-A+Gold special edition camera. For everyone who loves a good looking tech toys, this camera is for you.

 Twenty-four carat gold leaf gilding, smooth leather wrapping, and an original Russian Minitar lens, beautiful wooden casing, and a unique number guaranteeing authenticity—we know, you’re drooling, us too.

photo from lomo

 Only 130 are being produced making them super duper, insert key word, exclusive. They retail for $600USD, so it may not be something you buy on a whim, but, should definitely be on your list of must-haves. The plastic Lomo cameras have been around since the 80’s, and were popular because they were cheap. Who doesn’t love a good cheap toy?

Get ready to snap dreamy photos, full of the saturated colours just like the original ones.

 Well the new guys aren’t cheap, but they sure are pretty.

-Melissa S. Robinson


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One response to “Lomo Camera goes high-end

  1. really love this lomo ! ❤

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