A crumb-less cracker!

Have you ever been dared to eat four saltine crackers in one minute? It’s one of those games kids play at camp when the councilor has run out of ideas. While it sounds easy, it’s deceptively difficult and few come out as winners.

Image from: emilyelizabethjewelry.com

You wouldn’t want to play that game with the Golden Saltine Cracker necklace by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. The 14 karat gold plated charm does look remarkably like the crispy cracker from your camp days, and it’s not pricey, selling for $30 on the designer’s website, but it’s still not edible.

It does come with this selling point: zero crumbs!

-Otiena Ellwand

Image from: emilyelizabethjewelry.com



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2 responses to “A crumb-less cracker!

  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog,

    and great online magazine you’ve got going! Love it.


  2. Could you go into more detail on this? Btw, the advice you gave me is really good.

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