Drink up this lampshade

Tim Fishlock’s done it again— he’s given new life to an object that’s usually thrown-out after one use. This time, it’s the drinking straw.

His lampshade is made up of 3,000 drinking straws that are all connected into one long chain.

With that one chain, Fishlock creates a translucent sphere to surround the lightbulb. If you really wanted to, you could unroll the ball and get one uber-long straw… but if it takes Fishlock seven days to put together, it might take you a little bit longer to get it back into lampshade form.

Image from: timfishlock.com

The drinking straw lampshade, aptly named Gulp, comes on the heels of Fishlock’s What Watt? another spherical chandelier made up of more than 1,243 incandescent lightbulbs of various shapes and sizes.

But, one can’t help but wonder, were these previously used straws?

Image from: yatzer.com

-Otiena Ellwand


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