Extreme Architecture

The wording may confuse you and perhaps even force you to picture extreme architecture in the same way you would imagine an extreme sport. Well, it’s not too far from it. You’ll have to take a flip through the pages of this genius book to truly understand what the hype is about. Structures such as a giant cylinder-shaped workstation sitting on steel legs in Antarctica and a hotel in Patagonia finished in wood and sunk into the earth are just two crazy examples.

Photo from planet-mag.com

The images and concepts in this book will leave you in awe. Extreme Architecture: Building for Challenging Environments, by Ruth Slavid is a compilation of architectural designs from around the world. Picture extreme weather conditions, followed by an extremely unique idea. Both utilitarian and avant-garde.

Photo from planet-mag.com

If you’re feeling like a trip around the world’s unconventional architectural designs you can officially do it in the comfort of your own home.

– Talia Ricci



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