Tourbillon Cell Phone

To those who know what a Tourbillon mechanism is, you’re very smart. For those who don’t, it’s the mechanism used to power many 19th century watches, without the use of electronics…Got that? Also, it’s now in a cell phone.

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The not yet released Celsius X VI II cell phone incorporates Remontage Papillon technology, meaning it runs mechanically, no electronics. That’s right, none.

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This complex, hand finished, 550 mechanical-part mind bender uses a mechanism that mimics the movements of a butterfly in order to power the phone. Complicated? Yes. Functional? Completely.

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The inner workings of the phone are not only attractive to look at–it bares almost all–but the mechanism is powered simply by opening the phone. Seems easy enough now, doesn’t it.

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Three years in the making, this otherworldly piece of modern machinery is set to release in a few days at the prestigious Baselworld, 2010.

The complex simplicity of the Celsius makes it very attractive and we can’t wait to see it in action.

– Tim Morse


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