W’s Editor Resigns

A drastic change has shaken up the world that is W Magazine and Condé Nast. Patrick McCarthy, the man who worked his way up from reporter to one of the most established editors of our time, has recently announced his resignation. McCarthy was the chairman of Condé Nast’s Fairchild Fashion Group and the editor of W magazine. His departure come as a huge shock, as McCarthy spent 30 years at Fairchild.

Photo from nypost.com

The reasons behind this news are unknown as of yet, McCarthy has refused to comment to the media and Condé Nast has not yet released a statement. It’s all still a big mystery!

Perhaps W Magazine will start going in a new direction, or maybe they will attempt to find a McCarthy replica? Doubtful. W magazine has only been with Fairchild for a few short months and the sudden change will now bring them back to the offices of Condé Nast, the first change of potentially many with the resignation of McCarthy.


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  1. I’m going to guess it’s more valid a reason than “people get bored”?

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