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Banksy releases Film, opens Gallery

International renegade and guerilla graffiti artist, Banksy is back, and in his prime.

Image from

To help promote his new film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop,’ originally titled ‘How To Sell Sh*t to C**ts,’ Banksy created a gritty, underground Pop-Up Cinema, where he can not only display his famous stencil art, but also his physical art and the film.

Image from

The film, shot by French filmmaker Thierry Guetta, documents Banksy going about the world as he does his art.

It received mixed reviews at Sundance, some critics described it as a mockumentary, believing none of it to be real, while others said it was a real and honest film.

In keeping with being real and honest, Bansky’s theatre is a filthy, underground shrine is a 150-seat theatre located under the Waterloo train station in London, that has been dubbed ‘The Lambeth Palace.’ Now, Banksy is back on the streets and now underneath them as well.

Image from

Despite being rather eerie the dwelling being almost decrepit, the film sold out immediately after tickets were released. Shows are scheduled only until March 4, 2010, talk about a limited release!

To promote the film even further Banksy shot a video that will appear on various websites showing him doing a classic stencil piece: spray painting a monkey holding a movie clapper in front of a back alley security camera.

Banksy has been a staple in the art world for not only his work, but the political statements that go along with it: everything from painting KKK members being hung in Birmingham to painting ladders on the separation wall at West Bank.

Image from

So, Banksy has a new film, new theatre/gallery, what’s next?

“I was planning on making some huge paintings about sleepwalking our way towards the apocalypse, but I ended up going to the pub and getting some crisps,” said Banksy to London’s Times Online.

Here’s the trailer
– Tim Morse

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Burberry goes 3D at London Fashion Week

So maybe you don’t have front row seats at New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, but you could have had front row seats at the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Burberry Prorsum Womenswear collection at London Fashion Week thanks to technology.

New Yorkers watch the Burberry fashion show live in 3D. Photo by Neil Rasmus from

The show was the world’s first-ever global fashion show streamed live through 73 websites, including Vogue and CNN. It was also broadcast in 3D via Sky News to five custom-designed locations in New York, Paris, Dubai and Tokyo.

Outwear from Burberry's Prorsum Collection. Image from

“3D technology will bring our global audience into the London show space allowing them to see the colors and fabrics, to hear the music and to be a part of that moment when it all finally comes together,” said Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative officer.

As for the clothes, well, they were also a hit, luckily this year, you didn’t need to brave London’s bitter cold to know that.

-Otiena Ellwand

Outerwear from Burberry's Prorsum Collection. Image from

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Spaghetti Building

It looks as though someone spilt a box of spaghetti onto this building. You’ve even got your veggies thanks to the rooftop garden. Luckily, the building’s frame is actually made out of aluminum, so no amount of boiling water will turn this into mush.

Image from:

Apparently, the reason for the mesh exterior is to hide office clutter from being seen from the outside. It’s also a nifty way to diffuse natural light without having to tint the windows or use ugly plastic blinds.

Image from:

The building, named “Manny”, was designed by Tétrarc and can be found behind the courthouse in Nantes, France. It will host conferences, exhibits, and other arty events, and will also provide office space for architecture and creative arts businesses.

Working here, you might start craving Nonna’s Pasta Bolognese.

-Otiena Ellwand

Image from:


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Homes for the rich and homeless

photo from dezeen

Get artist and designer Kacey Wong on your radar.  His recent clash with brilliance is designing shelters for rich people who have lost their homes due to the economic crisis.

photo from dezeen

Not only do they look like robots from Famiglia Grande, but they also come in a variety of colours. The case unfolds and becomes a bed and a desk, and can be wheeled around on a trolley… talk about convenience!

photo from dezeen

His inspiration came from the recent economic tsunami that hit the rich and caused many to lose their fortune virtually overnight. The rich have feelings too, so Wong wanted to create these makeshift shelters so that they can live on the street and still maintain their image.

photo from dezeen

This is not the first time Wong’s work has been in the spotlight. His project called Paddling Homes and Tin Man No. 11 also received some media attention in the past two years.

photo from dezeen

There’s only a little bit of time left to catch Wong’s work, Paddling Homes, on display now at the 2009-2010 Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

-Melissa S. Robinson

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Vinyl Over the Years

Vinyl is an exhibition at La Maison Rouge in Paris that will feature close to 800 albums. Curator and collector Guy Schraenen will create an artistic and overwhelming environment bringing his audience through the past century of vinyl art. Schraenen will demonstrate how musicians have experimented with sound in the past and how it compares to technology today. He will also speak about the correlation between the sound and artistry of the album covers. Attendees will have the pleasure of learning about a wide range of artists from different decades.

Photo from

– Talia Ricci

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Bed Memories from Room 207

Take off your shoes and step into the unknown. Discombobulated by the mirrors on all sides, you walk down a hallway that gets thinner and shorter with each step. You wonder if there is ever an end to this fun house where all sides reflect you. Turn a corner and plop— you’ve fallen into the soft embrace of a bed.

This is not a dream, but an art installation put together by Richard Unterthiner and Paolo Ferrari as part of the 2010 Come Up to My Room alternative design event held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto at the end of January.

“We wanted to delve deeper into what the bed represents for us,” said Ferrari, while lounging on the bed at the end of the glass hallway.

The artists started to collect anonymous bed experiences. People were free to post whatever they wanted, so of course some of the answers were overtly sexual. One of Ferrari’s favourites was neither about dreams nor sex, but this: “I’m an insomniac and the bed is the most frustrating object I own.”

Once your rest is over and you’ve read over all of the best bed memories floating like mobiles above your head, the glass hallway doesn’t seem as scary anymore. Instead, you feel refreshed and impressed by an installation that effectively merges dream and waking life.

-Otiena Ellwand

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