Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Anniversary Lipstick

Image from elizabetharden.com

Elizabeth Arden may now be known mostly for it’s great skin care, but back in day, Arden herself was known as not only one of the most financially successful women of her day, but also a strong and avid feminist. She, and fellow suffragettes, were notorious for wearing bright red lipstick specifically as a symbol of feminine strength.

On the 100th anniversary of the opening of its first salon and in honour of its founder, and her commitment to women everywhere, the company has released a sparkly red, limited-edition lip color, in a vintage-inspired gold tube. And with all proceeds going to Look Good … Feel Better, a program that seeks to improve the self-image and quality of life of cancer patients, there’s never been a better reason to wear red.


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Born Ruffians, meet me by the ocean?

In an attempt to salvage my Canadian Music Week experience, I decided to venture out on a Sunday night to see the Born Ruffians play at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. I crossed my fingers that this time the rain would hold off and there wouldn’t be a line. Eager to end the five-day festival off in a good mood, I was off.

Luckily, the Phoenix is a cavernous space, able to hold a much larger crowd then the previous venues I’d been to. The front half was crammed with the all-ages kids who were evidently much more familiar with the Born Ruffians than I. As soon as the second opening band, the Young Rival, had finished their set, they started chanting, “Ruffians, Ruffians, Ruffians!”

Image from MySpace.com

What’s so great about these guys, anyway? I’d only just tuned into their MySpace page earlier that day and they seemed like your typical indie band. Then the lead singer stepped out into the spotlight. Oh, okay, I get it. So Luke LaLonde is good looking (and one of the first clean-shaven musicians I’d seen all festival). He can make his voice do a lot of fun, tricky little things reminding me of a mix between Vampire Weekend and Bedouin Soundclash. A good thing, in my books, but as a friend pointed out, it’s not new.

Image from Born Ruffians fan page, Facebook

Sure, the Born Ruffians might not be breaking new sound, but they definitely got the Sunday night crowd rocking; the kids at the front jumping and clapping in unison, the older folk in the back nodding appreciatively while sipping beer.

Their music does start to get repetitive, however. After awhile it all seemed to blend into one long continuous song rather than many separate ones. But once I closed my eyes, all I could think was, the Born Ruffians are made to be on a summer playlist.

I look forward to meeting them again somewhere, hopefully next time, it’ll be near the ocean.

-Otiena Ellwand

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New LCD Soundsystem song

Image from pitchfork.com

Impatiently waiting for the new LCD Soundsystem album to come out? Then we have some temporary relief. The group released a new song in partnership with YSL used during the debut of the YSL Fall/Winter 2010 collection. A weird mix? Surely. A good song? You decide.The song, “Beginning of the Heartbreak,” is a re-incarnation and LCD interpretation of a ‘70s track by Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra.

The track fits undeniably well the sway of the models hips as they trot down the runway in their motif–a modern take on ’50s women’s fashion.

Take a listen a few times, get excited, the full album will be released May 18, 2010.

– Tim Morse

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Tourbillon Cell Phone

To those who know what a Tourbillon mechanism is, you’re very smart. For those who don’t, it’s the mechanism used to power many 19th century watches, without the use of electronics…Got that? Also, it’s now in a cell phone.

Image from watchismo.blogspot.com

The not yet released Celsius X VI II cell phone incorporates Remontage Papillon technology, meaning it runs mechanically, no electronics. That’s right, none.

Image from celcius-X-VI-II.com

This complex, hand finished, 550 mechanical-part mind bender uses a mechanism that mimics the movements of a butterfly in order to power the phone. Complicated? Yes. Functional? Completely.

Image from watchismo.blogspot.com

The inner workings of the phone are not only attractive to look at–it bares almost all–but the mechanism is powered simply by opening the phone. Seems easy enough now, doesn’t it.

Image from watchismo.blogspot.com

Three years in the making, this otherworldly piece of modern machinery is set to release in a few days at the prestigious Baselworld, 2010.

The complex simplicity of the Celsius makes it very attractive and we can’t wait to see it in action.

– Tim Morse

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Madonna Does Macy’s

Image from s2.hubimg.com

Hasn’t Madonna always been hailed as a ground breaker, as a trend setter, as someone who pushes the boundaries?

So why is she just now getting into the whole celebrity-fashion collaboration game?

And seeing as Madonna and sex appeal go hand and hand, why is she designing a juniors line?

And why is it with MACYS?!

You’d think the material girl, who just so happens to be the face of Dolce and Gabbana, would want her own clothing line to emulate her most famous nickname and, not surprising, name of the line.

Nevertheless, we are a little curious.

Since the line drops this fall, we won’t have long to wait.

– Alexa P Gray

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More Fashion Spring Cleaning

Image from zimbio.com

In more label trading news, Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH), owner of the Calvin Klein label, has announced its plan to purchase the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Although the owners are changing, Hilfiger will still maintain his role as principal designer for his namesake clothing brand.

The proposed acquisition is the biggest announced by a U.S. clothing retailer or manufacturer in the past 10 years. The deal will only cost a measly $2.6 billion in cash, and $380 million in common stock. Wow.

With admired lines like Christian Lacroix going under and Bulgari and Prada reporting staggering debts, who could have thought Hilfiger was worth that much?

– Alexa P Gray

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Richemont Gaining Ground on LVMH

Image from uberkid.typepad.com

Companies residing in the world of fashion have been taking quite the financial hit lately. So what seems to be the favoured problem solver? Consolidation.

Just ask Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter, and Richemont, one of the worlds largest luxury goods retailer after LVMH.

As reported yesterday, Massenet will be selling her 18% share of the online luxury boutique to Richemont, who previously held a 30% stake in the company. Other investors are following suit, and Richemont will reportedly own 70% of the company after the deal is done.

With Massenet reported to receive approximately £50 million ($75 million USD) in the deal and Richemont given the chance to one up LVMH with its acquisition of the market leader in online luxury and high-fashion sales, both parties are quite happy.

We can understand why!

– Alexa P Gray

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