AA Studio’s Bucharest Living

Image from yatzer.com



Image from yatzer.com


At first glance, AA Studio’s new Bucharest apartment may seem basic, but this no-fuss residence stems from a distinct philosophy on what a home should feel like. The idea is that pieces within a space should be selected based on their surrounding environments, with the ultimate goal of creating a harmonious zone. It’s all very Frank Lloyd Wright.

One look at this space and you can tell that synthesis between form and function is the main factor that draws the eye in. It might seem hard to create the feeling of a home in such a large space—the apartment occupies over 1,300-square-feet, but AA Studio triumphs over any doubts. Architects Alex Adam, Roger Pop and Aylin Bagas Medina created this living space by knocking down a wall that separated two mirroring apartments, thus creating a large canvas to create their magic.

The trio chose to divide the apartment into daytime and nighttime activity space, combining inventiveness with functionality for some pretty exceptional results: a minimalist inspired apartment with sleek lines and a strong attention to detail. Hand-crafted furniture made by the trio compliment the apartment. All of the pieces are stark white, and fittings like a seemingly floating bed draped in a dramatic red bed linens and square porcelain toilet surrounded by gleaming floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the washroom make an avante-garde statement.

Surrounding the crisp lines created by the furniture are statement pieces such as a giant bonsai tree in the living room. One of the most inventive aspects in the homes comes from the RGB lights, which change colour as per the request of the residents. Curtains are used to divide the space, which not only makes the home functional, but also act as canvases for the impressive light fixtures.

-Cora Nijhawan

Floating bed. Image from yatzer.com

Floating bed. Image from yatzer.com

RGB lighting. Image from yatzer.com

RGB lighting. Image from yatzer.com


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  1. The floating bed is very cool. I love illusions, I love them even more when they are incorporated into interior design!

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