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This year we learned that clogs are more than Crocs

Perhaps an ostrich that has kept his head buried in the sand for the past few months hasn’t heard the news.

Clogs, originally restricted to soccer moms, chefs, and inhabitants of Holland, have somehow sauntered their way onto the runway.

In fact, they’ve become one of the hottest items this spring. We saw them on the runways this fall, and if they’re good enough for Karl Lagerfeld, they’re good enough for us. Indeed the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 show featured models clonking out in the coveted shoe. It confirmed the fashion world’s confused questioning at the matter; summer 2010 is the summer of clogs.

image from

The most ubiquitous type of this species is the slip-on with a chunky wooden heel. But why not try one of Vera Wang’s biker chick inspired clog for Lavender Label.

image from, clog by Vera Wang

Or perhaps the high topped combat boot clog of Top Shop? Or perhaps one by the likes of Jeffery Campbell (sold out on the internet), Miu Miu, Stuart Weitzman or Opening Ceremony?

The choices are infinite; but the supply isn’t. And with that, we’d like to welcome the clog to our radar.

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New LCD Soundsystem song

Image from

Impatiently waiting for the new LCD Soundsystem album to come out? Then we have some temporary relief. The group released a new song in partnership with YSL used during the debut of the YSL Fall/Winter 2010 collection. A weird mix? Surely. A good song? You decide.The song, “Beginning of the Heartbreak,” is a re-incarnation and LCD interpretation of a ‘70s track by Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra.

The track fits undeniably well the sway of the models hips as they trot down the runway in their motif–a modern take on ’50s women’s fashion.

Take a listen a few times, get excited, the full album will be released May 18, 2010.

– Tim Morse

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Alice in Wonderland mania

The world has gone mad-hatter-wild for Alice in Wonderland.

image from

The highly anticipated film hit theatres on March 4, 2010, and the excitement is palpable. Fashion designers are dedicating collections, department stores their windows and the Four Seasons Hotel is even hosting mad hatter tea parties.

That’s right, the luxury hotel in its Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles locations are hosting Carroll and Burton inspired teatime. Menu items include Nutella and caramelized banana, raspberry jam and cream cheese pinwheels, cheddar and apple butter and desserts such as dark chocolate mousse with crunch toffee, almond cake, mini vanilla cup cakes and Alice’s special sugar cookies. Not bad!

The tea parties in Chicago take this one step further down the rabbit hole with Wonderland inspired activities, such as giant chess (the pieces are two feet tall), tea cup decorating and Red Queen’s croquet. And yes, the mallets will be traditional pink flamingos.

image from

On the other side of the world, Alice madness is equally present. Zoom in on Parisian department store Printemps, which has dedicated its display window to commissioned pieces by Chloé, Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.

image from

image from

Kirkwood’s Alice heels are a chaotic representation of nonsensical absurdities that are on the other side of the looking glass. ”This time, I figured, why not just pile as much as I can on top?” Nicholas said. He did this, and he did this well.

image from

Maison Martin Margiela designed a spectacular creation, which emulates the idea of falling headfirst. How better to achieve this than by creating an upside down dress? Indeed, the skirt is a bustier and a chiffon veil begins at the waist and goes over the head. One of the sleeves mimics a crinoline made of whale-boned velvet, embroidered with pearls, crystals, and recycled jewels.

image from

None of these items are for sale.

Bergdorf Goodman has also decorated its windows à la Lewis Carroll and Bloomingdales is set to do so later this month.

-Elli Stuhler


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Maison Moschino luxury on a dime

photo from

When thinking about Milan, cheap doesn’t come to mind, especially when were talking about designers. But Moschino has lent its expertise to style a mid-priced hotel that will combine cheep and chic.

photo from hotelchatter

phto from hotelchatter

Maison Moschino has created a fairy-tale within the walls of the hotel that are completely surreal. Bedspreads made with velvet rose petals, a tree-branch four poster bed is featured in one room, and each of the 54 rooms and 15 suites that fill the four floors are each styled different from the next.

photo from hotelchatter

photo from hotelchatter

The rooms are themed with a few examples being the “Sleeping in a Ball Gown” room and the “Half Room,”where everything in the room has been cut completely in half. The hotel is also home to a restaurant bar, garden, spa and gym…Oh the joy!

photo from hotelchatter

photo from hotelchatter

Maison Moschino opens March 10, 2010 and definitely one to keep on radar. It’s fashion, comfort, and beauty. And best of all, it’s affordable. Milan here we come!

-Melissa S. Robinson

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Function vs. Desgin in shoes

photo from Dezeen

Ladies love them. Men invented them. It’s the high heel. Usually when we talk about shoes we talk about colour, material and height but this time its all about structure. Tea Petrovic has designed a collection shoes based on the sculptor Russian Naum Gabo and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

photo from Dezeen

The proof is definitely in the pudding, as her designs have the essence of each shoe being a sculptural- architectural form.

photo from Dezeen

Each shoe was based strictly on the high heel. The design of the heel determined the form of the shoe.

photo from Dezeen

Petrovic see’s the empty space between the woman’s heel and floor and she is determined to fill it…creatively of course.

photo by Dezeen

Now don’t go getting your hopes up ladies the idea of function is second to design so they are not to be worn.

photo from Dezeen

These puppies are absolutely breathtaking. Either way function or just design these shoes are tantalizing for all eyes to witness.

-Melissa S. Robinson

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Fashion Dictionary App

When a Canadian says, “I love your tuque”, do you know what they mean? A tuque is a type of hat that also goes by the name beanie, chook, tossle cap, and snow hat in other parts of the world.

A tuque on the catwalk. Image from:

Apple and the publisher Fachverlag Schiele & Schon released a new application for the iPhone called the Garment and Fashion Dictionary that makes it easier for people who work and play in the fashion industry to avoid making such language blunders.

With the app you can translate words that have to do with clothing, fashion, accessories, design, fabrication, and tailoring into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Fashion dictionary. Image from:

Once you know the right jargon/lingo/terminology, all you have to do is dress the part and people will start thinking you’re a local!

-Otiena Ellwand

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